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Prices Frozen for 2018

Stage Your Very Own Show at Disneyland® Paris with Mardi Gras Promotions

Imagine the joy you will bring your students, when you tell them that they could soon be performing at the most magical place on earth, Disneyland® Paris.  Your choreography would be seen on a truly global scale, as the resort is visited by families from all around the world.

At Disneyland® Park fairy tales take flight across five incredible lands, filled with classic attractions, shows and street parades.  Be greeted by some of your favourite Disney Characters, zoom through time and space and look on in awe at Disney Illuminations, an unforgettable fireworks and light displays over Sleeping Beauty Castle.

Booking Dates Right Now for Summer 2018

Call 01992 522 222 straight away, to reserve your travel dates with Mardi Gras.  We offer performance trips during the height of season, when audiences are at their largest and the weather is sunniest.  Subject to availability, we are planning 2-night stays between 21st July and 18th August 2018.

Free Room for the Principal’s Family

We can accept schools with fewer rooms.  However, when twenty rooms are paid for in full, Mardi Gras would be pleased to offer free accommodation and theme park passes for one Principal and up to three additional members of their immediate family.



4 in a room £189 per person

3 in room £229 per person

2 in aroon £289 per person

1 in a room £389

Babies of 2 years of age and under (at the time of the trip) are free of charge and are not included as an occupant, when calculating the total room price.


Your Performance Trip Will Include:-


Your own Twenty-Minute school show at the Resort^

2-Night stay at Disney's Hotel Cheyenne, Including Continental Breakfast

3-day Park Ticket to both Disneyland® Park and Walt Disney Studios® Park

Complimentary Buses to and from the Hotel and the Disney® Parks

Extra Magic Hours (entrance to parts of the Disneyland® Park up to 2 hours early)
Food Vouchers Offering Discounts at Selected Restaurants in the Disney Village®

^performances are subject to audition


Additional Activities:-

Disney Performing Arts OnStage pre-parade**

Disney Performing Arts Workshop ***

**Perform to Thousands in a Parade Through the Streets of the Theme Park (subject to Mardi Gras assembling one hundred participants/minimum age for entrance is 8 years/additional charge applies/separate audition of the parade routine will be required)

***Take a Performing Arts Workshop Taught by a Disney Professional (subject to minimum and maximum class size/additional charge applies)


How to apply:-

You will need to audition for this opportunity, by creating a DVD with two routines of the actual final troupe that will be travelling to Disneyland® Paris.  You should only start planning your audition material, after you have given the parents the prices and actual travel date.  You must get their full commitment at this early stage, as we cannot have too many dancers pulling out of the show, after an audition is approved.  Although you should aim to get all the participants on film (to give you flexibility later in the lead-up), Disney do state that a school can add or drop up to 10% on the total number of approved dancers.

In Addition to the DVD:-


  1. Please include a covering letter with your school name and all your contact details.
  2. State the number of dancers that appear on the DVD and how many adult non-performers you would want to have backstage (should be kept to a minimum).
  3. Give a brief explanation of what your intentions would be for a twenty-minute show, talking about music styles and listing every discipline that you would include (all must appear on the DVD).  Particularly, please clearly indicate whether-or-not you wish to involve any of the three disciplines of Acro, Pointe and Tap.
  4. Even if your audition routines are costumed on the DVD, we need a photograph of a student or a group of pupils in a costume you are proud of. This image can be emailed to


When Planning the DVD Please Carefully Consider the Following:-

  1. All students must appear prominently in both of two full routines.
  2. Performers must be at least 5 years of age to perform on stage at Disneyland® Paris.
  3. At least ten approved dancers must be at the theatre on show day.  You should aim to have more than this, to avoid potential problems in the lead-up, such as cancellations and students leaving the school.
  4. Your routines must be in-keeping with your intentions for the summer show in the theme park.  For example, you will only be allowed to perform Acro, Pointe or Tap, if these disciplines are featured in the DVD audition.
  5. Please note that lifts and balances are not permitted at Disneyland® Paris under any circumstances, so to avoid confusion, we urge you not to include such actions in your DVD audition.
  6. It is not essential that the audition routines are costumed but please make sure that the students are dressed in a tidy fashion.  You should avoid exposed tummies, as the midriff absolutely must be covered in stage productions at Disneyland® Paris.
  7. Disney will be looking to see that all individuals are in time with each other and the music.  They will expect choreography to be age appropriate and like to see confidence in the students, so please encourage them to smile and look toward the camera.  They will want to see the entire body of students at-all-times, so shoot your film from an appropriate distance and ensure that there is nothing obscuring the troupe.

If you are a musical theatre school, choir or have exceptional singers, please contact Mardi Gras immediately on 01992 522 222.  Please note that to include singing or to record the voices of your students on the audio tracks, there is an additional audition requirement.


Show Rules & Stage Considerations


Disneyland® Paris will have rules, to ensure that the production is a success, to maintain their image and to uphold legal and safety considerations.  We urge you not to plan any aspects of your show, until the theme park management are in a position, to provide a full information pack.  However, we would like to take this opportunity, to inform you that trademarks and characters cannot appear on stage, proper closed toe shoes with a sole must be worn and lifts and balances are not permitted.  Always remember that this will be regarded as a children’s show and you will have a young family audience.  Music and content must take this into consideration.  For example, innuendos in lyrics and cancans are not permitted.  The performance location will be at the discretion of Disneyland® Paris, and could be of any size or shape.  You might not be able to have your entire troupe on stage at the same time, so do not plan your choreography, until we can advise you on the stage layout.


Additional Room Conditions & Considerations


Any individual 15 years of age or under must take accommodation with one of their own parents (not any adult chaperone).  There must be at least one person of 18 years in every room.

A non-refundable/non-transferable deposit of £35 per person will be required within 4 weeks of your audition being approved.

After the audition is approved, should more that 10% of the students pull out at any stage for any reason, Disneyland® Paris may cancel the show and no monies paid can be refunded should this happen.  If there is enough time before the travel date, Disney may allow you to re-audition the remaining students afresh.

Please note that the maximum occupancy of a room is four individuals and one baby (2 years of age or under), for whom a cot is provided.  Room types will be allocated at the discretion of Disneyland Paris; some will have two double beds while others have one double bed and also a pull-out bed that will divide up into two separate beds.  Two individuals may not share double beds if either are under 18 years of age, unless these individuals are siblings or one individual is the parent of the other.  This is regardless of the gender of either individual.  All rooms are subject to availability.  Every effort will be made to accommodate the group in one hotel.    


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