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Principals Information

The Royal Albert Hall is a world renowned venue and unique as your troupe will be performing to a three hundred and fifty degree audience, as such our shows at this beautiful theatre are called "The Stars" in the Round.  As the most prestigious of all our venues this has become our annual flagship show.

Principals are offered a truly unique opportunity to be seen by as many as five thousand people.  Preparing for this show will be an amazing challenge as you will choreographing a routine that can be seen from the front, back and sides! The end result is always worth while and because of the intimate nature of the venue where the audience feel so close to the performers, it always has a carnival, Mardi Gras feeling about it.

Alternatively to see more detail on the venue itself, Click here >

You can also have a look at our Facebook page, follow us on Twitter or look at other principals who have done a Mardi Gras show to see what they thought – Link to principals why mardi Gras

We would welcome your school to join us at any of our events so please call us with any questions on 01992 522 222.  Our offices are always open from 9.30am to 5.00pm on weekdays.  You never know when a new show has been added or extra dressing room space has been found so call us any time.  However to guarantee a date we urge you to telephone us from 9.30am on the first Monday in September when we start taking reservations for all London shows scheduled throughout the following calendar year.  

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