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Why Mardi Gras?

Every young dancer dreams of performing on the most prestigious stages in the world, we offer opportunities to make these fantasies become a reality. We give troupes of dancers the chance to showcase their talent to a captivated audience.

Whether you are a principal, performer or parent of a dancer you are sure to enjoy the Mardi Gras experience.


  • We are the leading show producers for young dance in the UK.

  • We have over a decade of experience working with principals, performers and parents alike.

  • Our shows represent the diverse youth dance culture of today.

  • The opportunities we offer give troupes the thrilling once in a lifetime chance to perform in the world's top venues.

  • We are the only production company to dance at Disneyland Paris during the summer holidays.

  • When you take part in a Mardi Gras Show you can rest assured that we will do all we can to make it a huge success for principals, parents and performers alike.