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Your Mardi Gras

This part of the web site is about Mardi Gras sharing 'things' with you....
Yay!.. we hear you cry!

Those things could be pictures, stories, or even short videos. We want you to get involved wherever you can by submitting your Mardi Gras things to us!... so that we can then upload those for everyone to see.

What sort of things?... well maybe you have a story about one of the Mardi Gras events that went well, or maybe something funny happened? Maybe you took some photos while you were there, or even some short videos? If you have, and you want to submit those to us, we'll take a look first and then if all is okay we'll upload it onto a new area called, Your Mardi Gras SCRAPBOOKS.

But you'll have to wait just a little longer until we have this working on the web site, so please come back and visit Your Mardi Gras soon, or send us a message and we'll let you know when this is ready and you can be one of the first to submit!

Your Mardi Gras Team